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Deep insight into our emotional body

The 12 Steps to Mastery course is an immersive, experiential study of the lunar nodal axis in our birth charts. The lunar nodal axis dominates our consciousness and provides deep insight into the character and dynamics of our emotional body and therefore our conscious and unconscious narratives, imprints, beliefs, choices, patterns and behaviour. Understanding this specific feature and how to achieve mastery of it, provides valuable insight and guidance on living our life in an integrated, embodied and empowered way. It also heals by building and refining consciousness.


  • How to interpret and understand our Soul Journey & Life Purpose from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology (reframing our "being in the world").

  • How to navigate our Birth Charts (a tool for deeper self-insight).

  • How to read, interpret and make meaning of the Lunar Nodal Axis in our birth chart (a tool to more deeply explore our inner world and emotional reality).

  • How to nurture and exercise our "Uniquely Human Capacities" like our active imagination, attunement and radical authenticity.

  • How to integrate, embody and empower our emotional body through the 12 Step knowledge and practice (when we heal our emotional body we heal our relationship with the past, open up to living in the present and start to create a different future).

Immersive, deep dive into our lived and felt experience

Learning what mastery of the lunar nodal axis in our birth charts looks like and how to get there, has been structured into a 12 Step process. Each Step engages and challenges our creativity, abstact thinking and active imagination for an immersive, deep dive into our lived and felt experience. Each Step has a learning dimension related to Evolutionary Astrology and the Lunar Nodal Axis, a practical application dimension integrating the knowledge symbolically interpreting our own birth charts, as well as a writing dimension to extract, refine and reframe our narratives and stories.

Combination treasure hunt and archaeological dig

Our birth charts are as unique as our fingerprints, as is our level of consciousness and readiness for change. We read our own map and follow our own path at our own perfect rhythm and pulse. The 12 Step process is a combination treasure hunt and archaeological dig. Using our birth charts as symbolic guides, we mine, excavate and recreate where we are coming from, what we need to learn, what mastery looks like and how to get there. We sleuth our own lives for clues about what is standing in our way to growth and mastery of our lunar nodal axis.

No prerequisite for a specific level of astrology knowledge to take the course

There is no prerequisite for a specific level of astrology knowledge to take the course. We will use whatever astrology knowledge you have. If you have none, you will use what is provided in the course material. What is more important is the development of your uniquely human capacities like your abstract (symbolic) thinking, integration and active imagination skills. Everyone on the course will be working with their own charts with therefore their own consciousness - using the approach and guidelines provided in the course material. 


13 Week Facilitated Online Course with Discussion Forum & Weekly Group LIVE Sesssions

The 12 Steps drive the 13 week course. When you book, you will receive access and registration details via email to the Jupiter Trine portal. We start the course with a Welcoming LIVE Group Online Session (Step 0). I will clearly communicate and demo what needs to be covered in the next (each) week. We'll cover one Step a week, giving you time to process, digest and assimilate the course material and personal insights. In the weekly Step audibles, I model each Step using my own birth chart. You can ask for help on the Group Discussion Forum as well as post your response to the weekly group review questions. At the end of each Step we meet in our 60 minute LIVE Group Online Session (Zoom) to review the Step, share insights, ask questions and introduce the next Step. If you cannot attend the Group Online Session LIVE, the weekly Group Sessions are recorded and available to view until the next Session.

Watch the 12 Steps to Mastery Promo Video below for more about the course and for a demo of the Jupiter Trine portal.

Next course scheduled to start Thursday 7th May 2020. Join us!

Fears, wounds and false beliefs keep us in life-limiting patterns of behaviour. Self-insight and management of our triggers liberates us from a fated outcome. Trauma splits our psyche robbing us of pleasure and integration connects and empowers us to realise "I am another you". Powerful minds enable us to get perspective but can also separate us from an emotionally integrated perspective, alienating ourselves and others. We can chronically choose comfort over change and end up stagnating and unhappy despite having it all. Choosing what to keep and how to let go, creates space for change and growth in our lives.


Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

Underlying beliefs and assumptions of Evolutionary Astrology

An introduction to the Zodiac and the Story of the 12 Signs

The Four Bodies of the Psyche

The Symbolism of the Moon

Planetary Symbolism

Sign Symbolism

House Symbolism

Planetary Rulers

Symbolism of the Planets angular to the Nodes

The Lunar Nodal Axis

What are the Nodes?

The Basic Nodal Dynamic and Mastery

The Symbolism of the Lunar Nodes - North Node and South Node

Identifying the Lunar Nodal Axis in the Birth Chart

The Modes of the Axes

Common Archetypal Themes of Planetary Rulers, Signs & Houses

The 6 Lunar Nodal Axes

The Aries-Libra 1-7 House Axis

The Taurus-Scorpio 2-8 House Axis

The Gemini-Sagittarius 3-9 House Axis

The Cancer-Capricorn 4-10 House Axis

The Leo-Aquarius 5-11 House Axis

The Virgo-Pisces 6-12 House Axis


Creating the basic framework: South Node - Past life, Early Family Life & Mother

Creating the basic framework: North Node - What we need to learn in this Life

Integrating Planets on the South Node

Understanding the Unfinished Business of the South Node

Integrating Planets on the North Node

Creating our Story of Mastery of the Lunar Nodal Axis

Integrating Planets & Sign-House Axis Square to the Nodal Axis

Understanding the role of our Sun and Moon in our Soul Journey and Life Purpose

Understanding what do we need to nurtune and shift to achieve Mastery in this Lifetime



  • Access to the full course (12X Steps).

  • 13X 60min LIVE Weekly Group Sessions (Online Zoom) - Facilitated by Richelle Steyn certified Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Online Group Discussion Forum for duration of the thirteen week course


  • 4X Steps (either 1-4, 5-8 or 9-12)

  • 4X 60min LIVE Weekly Group Sessions (Online Zoom) - Facilitated by Richelle Steyn certified Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Online Group Discussion Forum for duration of 4X Steps


A 1 month payment option that gives you access to 4X Steps of the course. This helps with the monthly budget and also gives you the option of doing the course in one month chunks, if a thirteen week committment is not possible. At the end of the 1 month (4X Steps), you have the option of paying for the next 4X Steps and continuing with the same group, or you can rejoin another group at a later stage.


Any personal one-on-one consultation session required during the duration of the Online Course you are attending (e.g. 12 Steps to Mastery) hosted on the Jupiter Trine portal.



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